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Draco Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson LDWS
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A Last Drabble Writer Standing community for Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson.
Draco/Pansy LDWS
Welcome to dmpp_ldws!

This community is focused on a drabble challenge between the characters Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson - your drabbles can be about them as couples, friends or even if you desire, enemies. If you have taken part in any other contests like this you'll know how it works, but please read on anyway.

01. Drabbles will be between 100 and 500 words.
02. To enter, you must be a member, but you can vote without joining.
03. Drabbles of all ratings are acceptable.
04. You will vote for your favourite drabble and your least favourite drabble.
05. The person with the least votes will be eliminated.
06. You are not allowed to vote for your own drabble.
07. If you are a contestant, you are required to vote.
08. Banners are awarded to winners.
09. You may sign up for as many rounds as you wish.
10. A maximum of 10 people per round.

Failure to comply with rules could mean your disqualification and banning from this community.

01. Challenge posted on a Sunday
02. Entries due by Wednesday, midnight GMT+1
03. Voting commences Thursday
04. Voting finishes Friday
05. Winners announced on Saturday

Round 1: ebb_11

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